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About Zanura

Zanura is a Canadian-based iPhone and iPod Touch app development company with head offices in Ontario and branches throughout the world. Zanura's team includes mobile marketing specialists and software engineers with expertise in developing next generation iPhone and iPod Touch apps and games for users of all ages and interests.

We develop free apps as well as paid ones; we develop apps for businessmen, students, moms, kids, teachers, and every other iPhone or iPod Touch owner. The user experience is at the center of all of our development efforts, which is why our apps are so intuitive, immersive, and engaging.

What's unique about our apps?

  • Creative ideas and execution
  • Intuitive user interfaces
  • Simple yet powerful
  • Encompassing the latest technology
  • Best value for the money

Who can benefit from our apps?

  • Individual business owners
  • Broadcasters and publishers
  • Startups
  • Mid-sized companies
  • Large businesses
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