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Best Black & White black camera:

If Black & White Photography is your thing and you want to make beautiful black and white art photos directly using iPhone then Best Black & White Camera Application with advance features is for you. This is an easy to use application and it provides fun experience. Just take a photo or pick one from photo library and you will get beautiful black and white art photos. Ideal application for beginner to advance photographers.


There are many unique features available in 52,000 Cool Jokes App, which you would hardly find on other such apps available on App Store. Some of few salient features are:

  • Capture image from iPhone Black & White camera directly and converts it into Black & White Image of high quality.
  • Converts images from photo gallery and converts it into high quality black & white image.
  • Generates high quality and high resolution image.
  • Preserve original size and orientation.
  • Easy to use fast application.
  • No complicated settings required.
  • Polished UI, beautiful design


Step 1:

Capture image from black and white camera or pick an image from photo gallery.

Step 2:

Save the image.

Thatís it. Enjoy and donít forget to rate.

Note:for iPod touch users, you still can use the application to create black and white photos for pictures in photo library.

Available on App Store
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