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Residing in UK and calling a cab or taxi has never been easy before as it is now with “iCab – UK”. Through this unique amazing app you have access to all the cab/taxi stands of UK, no matter in which City or State of the UK you reside in. In other words, simply all the cab/taxi stands of UK are at your single click with this amazing app in your iDevice.

You may have hard time to call a taxi if you’re in UK for the first time, and the most difficult thing is to call a cab when you don’t know the locations and so you pay lot more than normal fair. iCab UK is your perfect solution for finding best taxi services round UK in seconds. Making your taxi travel more convenient than ever before, iCab UK comes with tens of thousands of taxi services details along with their location map. You get the nearest cab services listing right on your iPhone. Whether you’re new to England or a UK resident who frequently travels on cabs, you must have your iPhone loaded with iCab-UK.

What’s Special in iCab-UK?

  • Detects your location automatically through GPS.
  • Lists 5 to 15 nearest taxi services along with their distance from your current location and contact numbers.
  • The listing is based on the distance between your current location and the taxi service, so you can pick the nearest one and save money.
  • Shows you the exact location of each cab company on map.
  • Map can be zoomed to street view.
  • You can make a direct call to the nearest cab service right from the search list.
  • View details about the cab service and share it with your friends via Facebook, Email, or SMS.
  • Save a cab service as favorite, and it’ll be available for quick contact in future.
  • Update DB for recently added Cab Services in different cities.
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