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Are you looking for best clean love jokes? Your search ends here with iLove Jokes; the ultimate love and romance jokes application, bringing you the best love jokes that you’ve never heard or read before.


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A small boy is wandering in a hotel, and hearing some noises decides to open a door. He says "Wow, it's dark here!" You can imagine that there's a man with a woman in that room... The man asks, "What do you want? Here's a buck, leave us alone." A bit latter, the boy goes back again, opens the door, and says: "Wow, it's dark here!" "Not you again! Here, take this and go buy yourself something." And the boy goes out with 2 bucks.

The following morning, the boy feels some remorse, and tells what happened to his mother. She says: "That's wrong. You should go to the church, and confess yourself."

So there he goes. Entering the booth, he says: "Wow, it's dark here!".


An Arab, an Englishman and an Australian were boasting about their families.

The Englishman said, "I've got eleven sons. If I had one more, I'd have my own cricket team." The Australian bragged, "I've got nine daughters. If I had one more, I'd have my own basketball team." The Arab said, "I've got seventeen wives. If I get one more, I'll have my own golf course."

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